Lymeez Effectiveness

Product Design Effectiveness

Ticks instinctively climb up from the ground, leaf litter and low brush—most ticks climb on at the feet and lower legs, attracted by movement and carbon dioxide. They have an instinct to climb up. Ticks don't fly or jump. Lymeez® Tick Gaiters are purpose-built to intercept ticks and halt ticks on their climb. Any strategy only works if you use it. Lymeez Tick Gaiters allows a user easy on/off effective protection when they need it.

Ticks are confounded by the 3D mesh gaiters—their climb is diverted as they explore the cavities of the gaiters. In tests, ticks' ascent are slowed by 4–8X in comparison to common pant fabrics, exposing them to more tick repellent on their way up—a force-multiplier of repellent effectiveness. A slower climb & longer exposure means a tick is much less likely to make it over a gaiter unaffected by the repellent.

Repellent Effectiveness

Lymeez Tick Gaiters are treated with a long-lasting microencapsulated permethrin tick repellent, Skintex® MR III, an EPA-registered ixodicide. (EPA Reg. No. 86110-2) Millions of microcapsules coat the product throughout. With Active Release™ repellency, normal abrasion of Lymeez against pants or simply walking causes some of the microcapsules to burst, constantly releasing permethrin while the product is in use. As ticks make their climb they are exposed, sickened and killed.

Long Lasting Effectiveness

The US EPA longevity rating for Skintex MRIII is 50 washes ( when 80% effectiveness remains). As Lymeez Tick Gaiters are outerwear, washing is likely not done with each wear, resulting in very long term usability, making Lymeez Tick Gaiters very cost effective as well.