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About Lymeez® Sizing Content & Care
Q: Why are Lymeez® effective?
A: Ticks instinctively climb up from the ground. They don’t fly or jump. Lymeez® tick gaiters are purpose-built to intercept ticks when they first begin their climb. Snug-fitting cuffs guide questing ticks onto Lymeez® with Active Release™ forcing them to ingest tick-sickening permethrin as they climb. Permethrin is the most effective known ixodicide (tick repellent). Every fiber, front and back, of Lymeez® is infused with ixodicide. The ticks fall off and/or soon die.

Q: What is Active Release™?
A: Lymeez® are infused with Skintex® MR III®an EPA-registered ixodicide. Lymeez® use Active Release™ microencapsulation technology. Millions of ixodicide-filled microcapsules are infused into Lymeez® during manufacturing. With Active Release™ repellency, normal abrasion of Lymeez® against pants or leg causes some of the microcapsules to burst, constantly releasing permethrin. Lymeez® microcapsules only burst through abrasion—an undisturbed Lymeez® tick gaiter is not releasing any ixodicide.

Q: How long do Lymeez® remain effective?
A: Microencapsulated permethrin is only released through the action of friction and movement. (Fabric testing has shown no degradation after 5 years on undisturbed samples.) Lymeez® length of effectiveness varies based on individual wear and washing. Skintex® MR III®, the microencapsulated permethrin used on Lymeez, has successfully passed the German military requirement for tick knockdown potency after 100 washes (2016). The US EPA is not allowing any new testing of permethrin treatments until it develops a new testing protocol. The US EPA rating for Skintex® MRIII® is 25 washes based on 2006 testing.

Q: What is permethrin?
A: The active ixodicidal ingredient of Lymeez®, permethrin, is a made-made version of pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is a naturally occurring insecticide coming from the chrysanthemum flower. Permethrin has been a registered ixodicide with the EPA since 1977.

Q: Is permethrin safe?
A: The EPA (2005) has found no risk to wearers of permethrin-treated garments at approved levels—0.52%—the concentration recommended by the the National Research Council. According to the World Health Organization, “permethrin has been extensively tested and is still considered the insecticide of choice for clothing treatment.” (Ingested permethrin can be harmful, however, to fish and cats—so don’t put them in your fish tank or make cat toys out of them!)

Q: Permethrin vs. DEET
A: Multiple studies have shown permethrin to be more effective than DEET for preventing ticks bites. See State of California ( and the University of Rhode Island ( Unlike DEET microencapsulated permethrin is odorless and orders of magnitude less absorbable by the skin. With Lymeez® repellency is placed near the skin, never on it, and then only when worn on bare legs.

While neither Lymeez LLC or any other company can guarantee complete protection from tick bites or related reactions, Lymeez tick gaiters with Active Release™ are an excellent deterrent. Play more, worry less!™