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Lymeez Tick Gaiters (3D Air Mesh) UNTREATED PAIR

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About Lymeez® Sizing

NEW! UNTREATED Lymeez Tick Gaiters. Use Your Own Repellent. 3D mesh slows ticks = longer exposure to repellent—a FORCE MULTIPLIER for ANY effective tick repellent. 12” high wrap. UNTREATED Lymeez Tick Gaiters must be paired with a repellent. Our 3D mesh slows ticks, meaning longer exposure to repellent — a force multiplier for any effective tick repellent. Lymeez 3D mesh gaiters are a perfect substrate for any effective pump or spray repellent. They also keep the repellent from staining or contaminating regular clothing. Note: We can not speak to the effectiveness of any specific repellent other than that on our own treated gaiters.

Q: Why confound ticks?

A: Ticks are confounded by the 3D mesh gaiters—their climb is diverted as they explore the cavities of the gaiter. In tests, ticks' ascent are slowed by 4–8X in comparison to common pant fabrics, exposing them to more tick repellent on their way up—a force-multiplier of repellent effectiveness. A slower climb & longer exposure means a tick is much less likely to make it over a gaiter unaffected by the repellent.

Q: How was the confounding tested?
A: Here is a link to the test results: LYMEEZ TEST RESULTS

Q: How to Wear?

A: (1) Remove the double faced loop guard. Save for washing or storing gaiters. (2) Start wrap below pant cuff at ankle. (3) The hook strip grabs to 3D mesh. (4) Wrap for personal comfort and fit. NOTE: The grab of the hook strip gets quickly stronger after about a dozen times of use.